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A growing demand for clean water in a time of increasingly rigorous regulations makes managing water quality, wastewater treatment operations, Legionella treatment and natural resources enhancement more difficult than ever before.  We will partner with you to address community concerns, environmental protection and conservation regulations while managing the economic implications and schedule requirements.

Exemplary Customer Service

We aim to exceed customer expectations by providing timely, responsive service with integrity. We ensure that the treatment systems are being used and treated properly.

Our Vision

Forsa Water Treatment is an engineering service company for water treatment, improving the availability and quality of water for everybody.

Core Purpose

We provide our customers with innovative water solutions to improve the efficiency of their processes and save natural resources.

Core Values

  • High level of customer service

Our team focuses on delivering the highest level of service to our customers.

  • Respect for the environment

Our solutions are designed to protect the environment.

  • Caring about people

We show respect for all of our partners (clients, suppliers & employees).

We are committed to creating a healthy working environment.

  • Our customers’ trust

Our honesty, loyalty, openness and fairness make us a trustworthy long-term partner for our customers.

Environmentally-friendly technologies