Legionella Control Programmes for Facilities

Forsa Water Treatment and Engineering Consultancy provides a legionella control programme in order to halt preventable outbreaks of legionella.

As recommended by the Water Management Society, it is advisory to obtain a risk assessment as the first step to control and manage a legionnaires programme.

We offer consultancy for Water Treatment Consultant. We are well experienced in complete engineering design of water treatment plant with processes like clarification, filtration, disinfection, demineralization, and membrane processes.

Forsa water management plans help identify potential health hazards and inefficiencies in water systems that can contribute to unnecessary spread of disease, pose a significant threat to life safety, and hurt the facility’s bottom line. We map and document the critical control points unique to each facility, while documenting corrective actions and validating results.

Forsa Water Treatment and Consultancy is able to:

  • Recognize risk of Legionella and other bacteria that have a large impact on health and safety of guests, patients and employees
  • Safeguard your company brand and image by reducing your liability and risk
  • Extend the life of your facility plumbing infrastructure and water-using equipment
  • Establish and deliver a dynamic roadmap that survives employee and vendor turnover
  • Deliver successful outcomes based on testing and risk analysis of your facility water
  • Recommend water disinfection solutions that are necessary to protect your water environment from point of entry to point of use ensure compliance through ongoing testing and validation to ensure water quality and safety.

No disinfection system can remain effective without proper maintenance and validation. To keep your facility, employees, and guests protected from harmful waterborne bacteria, Forsa Water Treatment and Consultancy recommends establishing critical maintenance processes and procedures.

Our flexible service plans include:

Strategic Services – From on-site turnkey services to assistance with preventative maintenance, we offer various service tiers based on the level of service required for your facility, tailored to your facility’s specific needs.

Emergency Remediation – We assist even the largest and most complex facilities during a waterborne disease outbreak, gaining control of bacteria within 48 hours. We understand that time, discretion, and efficacy are of the utmost importance to your team.

Ongoing Surveillance – Monitor critical control points to identify status of waterborne risk factors specific to your facility through our ongoing testing and validation.