Forsa Water Treatment and Engineering Consultancy LLC is a water treatment, engineering and quality consultancy company providing tailor-made, custom designed and efficient solutions to help customers to improve their performance; increase productivity, improve product quality, extend equipment life and find innovative new ways to reduce costs. We know that with our technologies, solutions and highly qualified employees we enable our customers to use their resources more efficiently.

Forsa Water Treatment and Engineering Consultancy help protect and improve the world’s most fundamental natural resource; water. Our consulting services focus on the entire water cycle – from source to tap and back again.  We offer our clients complete solutions in every aspect of their organizations that can uniquely solve their most important challenges. Our experience includes domestic, municipalities, industrial and institutional water projects throughout the world. We offer customized technologies and services, provided by our highly skilled engineers, water treatment specialists, technical representatives and quality professional teams who have a strong understanding of the whole process including after sale technical services, laboratory and reporting services. We use our experience to treat water, wherever it is needed for industrial/institutional processes or public purposes. Also support our customers in quality especially in medical devices and FDA regulations. With significant experience and expertise, Forsa Water Treatment and Engineering Consultancy is a reliable partner who delivers comprehensive solutions and on-site service for water treatment, engineering and quality consultancy in many sectors.

Each water treatment solution is selected to minimize our customer’s environmental releases and to improve the productivity. Our broad range of products and services are designed to protect the environment through water and energy conservation.

The competitive advantages of the service it’s the experiences to deliver cost-effective, environmentally friendly, efficient, customized solutions for meeting each customers’ demands and keep us ahead of the competition and solution. Analytical approach that starts with in-depth testing and water system analysis to assess risk and determine specific needs

Forsa Water Treatment and Engineering Consultancy continues to invest in improving the efficiency of its water processes and save natural resources. We are committed to quality standards, environment respect, and care for health and safety of workers.

The company aims to help/assist its customers via consultancy service upon engineering and institutional, commercial, public, municipal and industrial water treatment and quality including but not limited to;

  • Legionella Control Programs (Legionella Control, Remediation, Treatment and Risk Management)
  • Process technologies
  • Boiler/Stream Water and Heating System
  • Cleaning and Hygiene water; complete water disinfection solutions from point of entry to point of use.
  • Cooling and Process Water
  • Drinking Water
  • Membrane Treatment / Reverse Osmosis; including cleaning and startup process
  • Process Chemicals; process use, domestic and district use
  • Corrosion and Microbiological Control; Comprehensive water treatment solutions to prevent scaling, deposits, corrosion and control microbiological growth which increases the efficiency of systems and optimizes processes and operating costs.
  • Swimming Pool Water
  • Wastewater treatment including MBR system, odor control process & systems and discharging, source or water reuse, as well.
  • Water Services and Chemical consultancy
  • Engineering and Equipment
  • Water preparations; purification and (pre)filtration systems
  • Pool construction and systems
  • Training programs; provides consultancy services for operators of treatment plants.
  • Troubleshooting of existing treatment plants
  • Laboratory analysis services (on-site/off site)
  • Chemical program setup
  • Geothermal
  • Industrial Paper Products
  • Municipal Drinking Water Hygiene
  • Reinventing the Way Water is Managed

Existence of Forsa Water Treatment and Engineering Consultancy depends on reliability, honesty, respect for environment and humans, quality service and having qualified staff. To achieve this, we train our staff to use authority and undertake responsibility.  In order to increase productivity and reach profitability, we are principally going to plan and continue our operations whilst keeping customer satisfaction our priority.  We provide our customers consulting, audits and risk assessment, monitoring and control, integrated reporting, process optimization and training. With our and our distributors technologies, solutions and highly qualified employees, we help our customers to use resources more efficiently with the aim of developing state-of-the-art solutions for our customers, to maximize plant productivity, to improve safety and to save resources. All Forsa employees are dedicated to maximum quality, safety and environmental standards.

Beside engineering success, Forsa Water Treatment and Engineering Consultancy, also well known for social responsible projects. The company has been opening more than 100 water treatment, pool operator courses (which are supported and certificated by Turkey public training center), all around the Turkey.  Forsa Chemical Consultancy Company, has also been sponsoring Bodrum Water Polo team since 2013. Forsa is proud of being part of any kind of education projects. The company gives hygiene and waste water education to the schools as a social responsible project every year. Beside education, provides free of charge legionella treatment at the schools which is placed around its offices area.